The 25th anniversary of CELLFAST company


On August 7-9, at the Arłamów Hotel, we solemnly celebrated the 25th anniversary of our company. The guests invited by us had an opportunity to admire, among others, aerial acrobatics of the Cellfast Flying Team, and to listen to a concert of the star of the evening – Anna Maria Jopek.

The jubilee was full of special attractions. As part of the “Cellfast Adventure –Three Elements” project, our guests could face the three forces of nature. The most popular were the Cellfast Flying Team shows, that is, of a group presenting flights in a formation, consisting of three Morane Rallye planes. All those who celebrated the anniversary could also board a light aircraft and a transport plane Antonow from 1968. All that was possible thanks to the passion of the owners of the company who have been active pilots and members of the Subcarpathian Aero Club for years. As part of the second element - water - the invited guests could relax in swimming pools, Jacuzzis, Finnish saunas and Russian banyas. For those who like to feel ground under their feet, there were prepared land-related attractions, for example on a golf course, shooting range, squash courts and horse riding tracks. Unforgettable experiences were also provided by a zip line from roof of a post-industrial building, that was planned within the Adrenalin Zone project. The culminating point was an evening banquet honoured by a concert of Anna Maria Jopek. The jubilee was also an excellent opportunity to present our guests – business partners, contractors and friends – with the history of Cellfast company and vision of its development.

Thank you all for coming and active participation in the prepared programme of events. We are convinced that along with our business partners there will be plenty of reasons to celebrate the next anniversaries.