Gold Medal MTP 2017

Our new ERGO LINE ™ tools have been awarded with the MTP 2017 Gold Medal, awarded as a part of the 11th Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair Gardenia

The MTP Gold Medals are one of the most recognizable awards on the Polish market. In this competition, several hundred products are subject to a critical evaluation by the Competition Jury, which this year was chaired by prof. dr. hab. Grzegorz Skrzypczak, former rector of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań. The criteria such as innovation, ergonomics and aesthetics are taken into consideration, and the products awarded with Gold Medals automatically become one of the greatest attractions of the Gardenia fair. This year, the Competition Jury awarded 29 equivalent MTP Gold Medals, and among the awarded products were our ERGO LINE ™ tools.

The Gold Medalists will be presented at the fair in "Champions' Zones" - special stands in pavilions 3 and 5. All visitors of this event will be able to vote for the selected laureate there. However, one month after the end of the fair, voting will continue on the website The product that receives the largest number of votes will win the prestigious title of the "Gold Medal of MTP - Consumers' Choice".

This is the third MTP Gold Medal among the achievements of our company. Last year, the prestigious title of the ERGO ™ water system was distinguished, and in

In 2013, the DISCOVER hose cart was among the winners of the competition.

The MTP Gold Medals ceremony is part of the official opening of the Gardenia fair and will take place on March 2, 2017 at 12 on the main stage in Pavilion 3A.